Feral cat Naya gives birth for the last time!

Watch Naya raise her last litter of kittens LIVE 24/7: http://TinyKittens.com/live

Naya was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis a few days before she gave birth, which meant her pregnancy was at a very high risk for stillbirths and birth defects. We are delighted and *incredibly* relieved she did not have any stillbirths, but we will need to continue to monitor kittens very closely over the next 8 weeks as toxoplasmosis still poses a risk for them. Given the excellent and unexpectedly wonderful outcome so far, we are cautiously hopeful we may have started treatment quickly enough to give them a solid chance.

Naya and her kittens will all be spayed and neutered, and kittens will be adopted into loving homes. Because Naya is a feral cat, we will continue to work with her to see if she would be happy in a home with humans, or if she would be happiest returning to her managed feral colony.

HUGE thanks to our mods, snugglers, HQ team, vet team and #TinyVillage of researchers who have helped us learn and monitor during this anxious time. It truly does take a village. ❤

If you would like to donate toward Naya and her babies’ care, you may do so with our extreme gratitude at TinyKittens.com/donate ❤

If you’d like to help cats like Naya, please become advocates for spaying, neutering, feral cats, TNR, and most of all, COMPASSION.

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