Pregnant feral cat Naya hears her kittens heartbeats!

Pregnant Naya heard her kitten’s heartbeats for the first time today, and it was SO cool!

Beautiful feral catermelon Naya is going to give birth for the last time, any day now! Join the #KittenWatch at

Each feral cat is unique, and our job is to balance learning where their boundaries are, knowing when and how far to push boundaries to build confidence, and respecting boundaries enough to establish trust. In Naya’s case, we are pushing her a tiny bit more before her kittens are born to make it less stressful for her once her kittens are born.

Any progress we can make prior to birth is super helpful because it is critical for us to be able to easily access kittens in order to weigh them and monitor how they’re doing.

There’s no way for us to completely eliminate stress for our feral moms, but we have worked hard to understand and develop methods for interacting with them and their kittens that keep their stress levels as low as possible.

If you’d like to help cats like Naya, become advocates for spaying, neutering, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and most of all… COMPASSION.

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