How we got feral mama cat Mavis from fierce to forgiving


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Feral mama cat Mavis was fiercely protective of her newborn babies a few days ago. By taking the time to understand her better, we were able to figure out a way to handle her kittens in a way that was positive for her and us, and most importantly, does not put her kittens at risk of being in the crossfire of swats or bites intended for the humans!

If you’re skeptical she’s feral, look back a few days and you’ll see her deliver a big bite to protect her kittens when I needed to weigh them. Every feral mama is different, but we have learned that by observing their behavior, stress level and confidence, we can figure out the least stressful approach for safely accessing kittens when we need to provide essential care like weighing and meds.

We’re very proud of Mavis for how far she’s come in just a few short days! It’s still too early to predict whether she will give up her feral card and be happy living in a home with a human family, but at least we know during her time here she will be able to feel safe and comfortable so she can enjoy raising her final litter of kittens.

Mavis was trapped from a large feral colony in a rural area. She and her kittens will be spayed/neutered so we can end the overpopulation cycle for this beautiful family.


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