Feral cat Mavis gives birth for the last time!

We broadcast the stories of our rescued cats, live and uncensored, to raise awareness about the realities of cat overpopulation and to inspire compassion.

Because Mavis is feral, she doesn’t want us in the room with her while she gives birth. Like all of our pregnant cats during #KittenWatch, even when we aren’t in the room we are monitoring 24 hours a day and are always nearby in case we need to intervene.

Mavis is a two year old feral cat, which means this is likely her fourth or fifth litter of kittens. Chronic pregnancy takes a huge toll on mama cats, and if we hadn’t trapped her, she would have continued to get pregnant over and over again until her body gave out. In the wild, she would have continued to lose 75% of her kittens to disease, predators, starvation or injury.

Thankfully, the hard part of Mavis’ life is now over, and her babies will never have to experience her hardships.

Each feral cat is different, and our job is to balance learning where their boundaries are, knowing when and how far to push boundaries to allow growth, and respecting boundaries enough to establish trust.

We hope you enjoy watching Mavis give birth for the last time ever, followed by many weeks of adorable kitten shenanigans. It’s fun, educational, therapeutic, and we have an awesome global community chatting 24/7 if you’re feeling a little isolated.

P.S. We are maintaining a ~90% spay/neuter rate at Mavis’ feral colony, and many have been socialized and adopted into loving homes. Meet the cats: http://tinykittens.com/happyforest

If you would like to donate toward Mavis and her kittens’ care, you may do so with our extreme gratitude at http://TinyKittens.com/donate ❤


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